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Our Services


We provide technical services to our clients in the best and affordable way. In Abcose, we always try our level best to give remarkable outputs to the clients better than their expectations. Let’s take a look at our services.


AdvancedSchool is an advanced approach to technologize every school. In Pakistan, more than 90% of the schools still rely on massive filings, paper work and so on. Simply, bundles of thousands of papers to keep the data. Finding data from these pages is very difficult and sometimes many important files are missed too. We are introducing AdvancedSchool that secures your complete school data, filters it and keep it on cloud. Now, you have one school in your building and another on cloud but both are one. Does it sound interesting? Call us and see the demo. We believe that you will like our efforts.

Content Writing

Our words work tremendously awesome. We are committed to make our magical words yours. Abcose introduces you in the market with the most promising and the most self-sufficient words. Our content written for your website or for anything that you require us to write for is absolutely plagiarism free. Our content is genuine and original. Abcose believes that the most powerful and the most promising words construct a very powerful bridge to the hearts of the clients.

Graphic Designing

Abcose provides unlimited and beautiful graphics which are free of every kind of duplication. Your graphics will only be yours. We design every kind of graphics from chalkboard designs to vector designs and to every kind of creative designs. We provide graphic designing for logos, banners, business cards, brochures, e-books, etc. You will be proud of your website when you see how it looks like with our unimaginable graphics.

Web Designing & Development

Abcose designs and develops static and dynamic websites in affordable prices by using the basic concepts of personalization. We understand the professional vision and prospectus of our customers and work according to these factors. Our website designing and development section includes graphic designing and content writing services as well. We ourselves create graphics and write company related and according-to-the-company content (part of merged IT services.

Web Based and Mobile Based Applications

We build helpful mobile based and web based applications for your business. Our applications are purposefully built according to your work requirements. Now, you can do your work in the easiest way. You do not need to create complicated files and documents to store your data. You just need to contact us to get a customized software for your business that manages all the calculations.It’s easy, simple and innovative. We build a strong management system according to the nature of your business. Our management systems and applications are unique, easy-to-use and helpful for schools, restaurants, hospitals and other organizations.