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About Us

Abcose is an IT firm that is working as a software house also as it provides ultimate content writing, graphic designing, software development and digital marketing services to various sectors like engineering, commerce, accountancy, schools, colleges, universities, textile, information technology and other small, medium and large scale sectors including startups. Abcose also provides an advanced school management system for the advancement of schools.

Basically, it all started when two people tried to focus on providing the best content writing and graphic designing services to several companies. After serving for two years, this group noticed that our national schooling systems are not advanced and they need to be modernized. Two people started working on this project and developed a masterpiece for educational sectors like schools and colleges in 3 years. After continuous 5 years of consistent hard work and professional bonding this group converted itself into a registered IT firm. This group grew up just because of the dedication, honesty and hard work that the group gave to its projects and commitments. Today, it is an established firm and we are proud of it.